Going Green
Going Green

Imperial PFS®is committed to being a leader in “GOING GREEN” for the premium finance industry. We encourage your insurance agency and Insureds to receive notices electronically.

As a demonstration of our commitment to this effort our new brochure is printed on FSC certified Acid Free paper, using vegetable based inks.

Our Eco Friendly e-forms are available by request …simply let your Sales Executive or Branch Office know you would like to be part of the “Imperial PFS®GOING GREEN Initiative”. An electronic version of notice will then be emailed to general agents, carriers, our insurance agency partners and their Insureds.*

At Imperial PFS, we recognize the importance of conserving our environment by reducing waste wherever possible. We encourage you to become part of our “GOING GREEN initiative”…sign up for paperless notices today and help save the environment at the same time!

*Please note that legal notices as may be required by applicable premium financing statutes will continue to be delivered through the United States Postal Service in addition to email.