About Us

Imperial PFS® is the industry leader in premium financing. The size and independence of Imperial PFS®provides the financial strength and flexibility to handle all of your accounts, ranging from large, complex deals to the small, straightforward accounts. Imperial PFS®is one of the top premium financing companies in terms of premium dollars financed and the top company in terms of accounts financed.

Imperial PFS® is powered by the teamwork of a broad network of local offices that can provide you with the service you have come to expect. We are focused on providing you the highest standards in customer service because we know your business. Our regional sales force and local branch offices offer a unique perspective to understand your challenges. Our creative service offerings include numerous program options that are designed to benefit you and your clients. We look forward to your continued partnership with Imperial PFS® and providing you the most comprehensive benefits in the industry.

Imperial PFS® was created by combining two of the strongest premium finance brands in the market: Premium Financing Specialists (PFS) and Imperial Credit Corporation (ICC).

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